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Auto Registration Services

•    Changing Vehicle Ownership
•    Transferring a Vehicle Between Family Members
•    Obtain Duplicate or Substitute License Plates and Stickers
•    Complete a Transfer Without Probate
•    Transfer a Vehicle From an Individual to an Estate
•    Completing a Name Correction on a Certificate of Title
•    Obtain Disabled Person License Plates
•    Register a Vehicle From Out-of-State
•    Disabled Veteran License Plates
•    Register a Specially Constructed Vehicle
•    Re-register a Salvaged Vehicle
•    Get a Duplicate Salvage Certificate
•    Re-register a Junked Vehicle
•    Junk a Vehicle
•    Report a Vehicle Body Change
•    Change from Commercial License Plates to Auto License Plates
•    Register a New Vessel
•    Transfer a Vessel
•    Register a Vessel Previously Registered Out-of-State
•    Applying Registration Sticker to License Plate